Boil Advisory Lifted - January 25, 2018

Received notification from DHH that the water samples have cleared and the boil advisories have b... [more...]

Water Update - January 23, 2018

Please be advised that the Town of Port Barre and Waterworks District No. 3 remain in a boil advi... [more...]

Boil Advisory - January 18, 2018

Good afternoon everyone. I wish I was making this post to give good news. Unfortunately, the wate... [more...]

Water Update - January 12, 2018

Water update......the Boil Advisory has been lifted for Town of Port Barre water customers only. ... [more...]

Water Update - January 08, 2018

Water update....The Town of Port Barre and Waterworks District No. 3 will remain in the boil advi... [more...]

Water Update - January 03, 2018

Water update......please be advised that due to the continuous freezing temperatures, thus causin... [more...]


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How To Read Your New Water Meter


The automated meter reading system is moving along nicely. WMS is near completion of installing all of the new water meters. The gas meter change outs will be next. Some of you are asking "how" to get a reading from the new water meters. The following instructions have been provided to us: Open the lid. If there is enough sunlight present to activate the register, the number of gallons of water consumption will appear. If nothing appears within a couple of minutes, use a flashlight to provide enough light to activate the register. The first display will show the gallons of consumption. Wait a couple of minutes more, then a second screen will appear with the word "rate" at the top, and to the far right will be a display of the gallons per minute (GPM on screen). This display will let you know how much water is going through your meter by the minute. If you have a water leak, a "faucet symbol with a drip" will appear. Remember to close the lid after viewing. Also, to determine if you have a leak, make sure there is no water being used in the home (washing machine, dishwasher, shower, etc.). Once you ensure that no water is being used, go to your meter and follow the above steps. If the "faucet symbol" appears, there is water going through your meter. These instructions are available at the Town Hall. If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to come by or call 337-585-7646. Thank you.